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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunshine Sunday -- Easter at the Farm!

Let me answer the big question of the day first: No, the baby is not here. It does not appear to be coming today. But who knows.

We've spent the morning cleaning up the downstairs so it is halfway respectable for the baby's arrival and any guests who may come to visit. The boys played outside for over an hour and then I made them come in to help pick up all their junk. I'm really looking forward to maternity leave so I can dive into some of these organization projects that we've been trying to do.... And my new handyman Tim is going to be instrumental to this project!

But right now I am too tired to think about that. Let's just focus on the here and now. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite pics from yesterday at the farm. The weather this weekend has just been phenomenal -- absolutely gorgeous. I love this time of year! The different shades of green covering the countryside are spectacular.

 My brother Troy and son Maddox

 The boys preparing for the egg hunt!

 Mazy searching for eggs. They each had 8 eggs with their initial on it that had a number inside that could be redeemed for a prize. There were 30 other eggs filled with Grandpa's quarters! Great idea, Mom!

 Nephew Kael hunting for eggs.

 Kael, Mazy, Grandma Katy and Bo after the hunt.

 Prize redemption center -- the trunk of Grandma Katy's car. It was perfect!

 Sister-in-law Keri and Maddox -- no, she did not let him drink the beer. :)

 Shawn and Bo hunting for bugs with the new bug magnifying glass that Bo won as an Easter egg prize. 

 Troy grilling up burgers, brats and hotdogs for lunch.

 Me and sweet Bo dyeing Easter eggs in the afternoon. 

 Decorating his eggs with Grandma's stickers.

Bo and his eggs!

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