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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kid-Free Night, Saturday at the Farm

Soooo... Where to begin?

Yesterday at work I finished a 27-page content analysis that was dumped on me a week ago for a client I have no experience with. I worked like a banshee to get it finished and now there are now no outstanding work projects on my list. I can have this baby anytime.

After work, we met my mom at Smash Burger in Ankeny so she and the boys could eat supper and then head to the farm for the night. Shawn and I went shopping for big brother presents for the baby to give the boys at the hospital (some might call them bribery presents) and then ate Chinese around 7:30. I was having tons of contractions last night at the restaurant, so many that I was beginning to get excited. But then they all fizzled out...

In a few minutes, Shawn and I are heading to the farm for an egg hunt, lunch and then Easter egg dyeing. Should be fun! The weather this weekend is absolutely beautiful. Couldn't ask for it to be better!

Let me sign off with a story that Shawn that was funny and that I should share with you.

Last night we stayed with the boys while they ate Smash Burgers. Mazy was so sweet, halfway through his meal he got very quiet and kept looking at me and finally he said, "I don't want to worry about you being in pain tonight." How sweet is that boy? This all stems from a conversation he and I had not long ago about  giving birth.

I told him how some women choose to have their babies without any pain medications, and others choose to use medications to help with the pain. That naturally lead into questions about my decision when I had him, and when I had Bo and what I will do with this baby. The conversation went something like this:

Mazy: Did you have medicine with me?

Me: Nope, I did it naturally.

Mazy: Did it hurt?

Me: Yes, it hurts a lot.

Mazy: Like how much? Describe it.

Me: I don't know. Like someone reaching into your stomach and twisting your guts over and over and over. And sometimes stabbing you with a knife.

Mazy: Did you cry?

Me: Of course not! I don't cry because of pain Mazy.

Mazy: That's good. Because it would be kind of weird for you to cry.

Me: Well, I cry about plenty of other things, like your first day of preschool, your last day of preschool, your first day of kindergarten, your last day of kindergarten, whenever Bo spontaneously gives me the "I love you" sign language sign ...

Mazy: Why would you cry at that and not at being stabbed?

Me: I don't know, Mazy. It's just how I am.

Mazy: Well, did it hurt more with me than with Bo?

Me: Yes, it did. Mainly because of your giant head. It got stuck.

Mazy: Haha, it did!?! That must be why I'm so smart. So my head was bigger than Bo's, right? Much bigger?! Like gigantic! Did I  have the biggest head in the world?

Me: It was very, very big for a baby. I don't know if it broke a world record though.

Mazy: So why don't you use medicine?

Me: Well, if you don't use the drugs, then your body produces a bunch of adrenalin to help you get through the pain. In fact, it produces so much that you have tons of energy afterward. I didn't sleep for three straight days after I had you because I had so much energy!

Mazy: Really?!! Like enough energy to jump on the bed!

Me: Yes, I guess. Definitely so much that I just couldn't sleep and was totally awake for three days.

Mazy: You should do that with this baby! You need energy. Don't do the drugs, Mom. I want to see you jumping on the bed.

Me: Well, the bed jumping may have to wait a few days, but I'll see what I can do. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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