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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Working from Home and World Down Syndrome Day

Just finished the Mexican cornbread casserole and popped it in the oven. Shawn is picking up Bo tonight, and Mazy and I are just relaxing for a few minutes before dinner and picking up the house.

Maze and I had an easy, slow day at home. We went to Ankeny for lunch with my mom at Tokyo Steakhouse -- bento boxes and sushi rolls for all. I tried to give them both a chopsticks lesson but they still need a little practice.

Ankles and feet are still swollen... I wore flip-flops today. Thank goodness it's an unusually warm March!

Oh, before I forget today is the first ever World Down Syndrome Day! Hooray! Let's all celebrate the people we know and love who have Down Syndrome and who bring so much happiness to our lives! For me, that's my first-cousin Logan down in Mississippi and my nephew Hudson down in Kansas. It's about time the world devote a day to you guys!

I will work from home again tomorrow. Mazy and I have lunch plans with my friend Kortney and her two adorable kids. Can't wait to see them! No food review today. We didn't have the camera so we decided just to give Mazy a break from his foodie duties.

Here's hoping my next post is from Methodist Hospital to introduce the newest family member to you!

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