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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cankles, Coworkers and Korean Restaurant Review

"Oh my god!"

That's what Shawn said when I took my shoes and socks off tonight, exposing the world to my gigantic swollen ankles and feet... Cankles is an understatement. Mazy was so shocked that he came over for a closer look and then ran away saying, "That's weird!"

Six days until the due date. I can't wait to get my feet and ankles back, to wear socks that don't leave 1-inch intentions around my calves, to wear my Mary Janes without the painful crisscross patterns branded into the top of my feet. Heck, I can't wait to be able to bend over again and put on my shoes and socks!

I don't remember swollen feet or ankles with my other pregnancies. This is another new one for me, to go with the dairy intolerance, the pork intolerance and the insomnia. Hmmm. Could it be a girl causing these issues? Maybe. We'll know soon enough.

Great coworkers
Today I went to lunch with two of my favorite coworkers, Erin and Hillary. The three of us sit together in our cube farm, working on the same clients and projects, dealing with the same deadlines and pressure and stress. We see each other more than we do our significant others, family and friends. And if I have to spend that much time with two people, I am so very glad that it's the two of them. I can almost always talk them into joining me for a cheap Mexican lunch, like we had today. They listen to my kid stories and I try to offer good work advice. They're great. And great coworkers make work a whole lot better.

New restaurant review
Mazy has another new restaurant review today from The Scallion -- a Korean restaurant in Ames, Iowa. Shawn forgot the camera at work so I don't have any pictures yet. But I'll get them up tomorrow. Mazy and I are planning to have lunch with my mom in Ankeny tomorrow and I believe sushi is on the menu. Unfortunately, I won't have the camera so I don't know if he'll do a review or not. And that's all from our world.

Mazy took this self portrait yesterday. I love it! Look at all those freckles!

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