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Monday, March 19, 2012

New Restaurant Review and One-Week Baby Countdown

The 7-year-old foodie is back this week. He's on spring break from school and spending much of the week in Nevada where his dad works. Today's restaurant choice was not all that adventurous, but it is one of his favorite places to eat. If you're ever in Nevada, Iowa, be sure to plan a lunch or supper at Starbucks, the diner, not the world-famous coffee chain. I'm not sure how they continue to get away having that name, but maybe they are older than the Seattle coffee guys. Anyway, check out Mazy's review here or in the Restaurant Times tab above.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when he and Shawn visit The Scallion, the best Korean food we've found in central Iowa! 

Baby Countdown
Can you believe it? We are one week away from the baby's due date!!! Had a doctor's appointment today -- not much happening yet. I just hope it's not a week overdue like Bo was... I'm not a big fan of scheduling  delivery and having labor induced with drugs. I much prefer Mother Nature making that decision.

My little man Bo is beginning to feel the impending change that this baby will bring. I packed a bag for each of them in case they end up spending a night with a grandparent. Neither is too keen on that, but I wanted to prepare them for what likely will happen. I talk about me going to the hospital for a few days and nights, and then getting to come home to them. It's always rough for a week or so, but they will adjust.

This morning, Mazy was talking about the baby and Bo walked up and punched him in the face! Completely unprovoked and unwarranted. I was shocked. Mazy was shocked. And frankly, Bo seemed a little shocked by what he had done. I punished him, but he was quite repentant and felt bad about it. He apologized. I told Mazy that he was just freaking out because of the baby. Mazy wanted to know why. I said, "I don't know. It's a big change. His worry is coming out in anger." And Mazy said, "Well, I see this baby as a wave of happiness. Bo, this baby is a wave of happiness to me. But not to YOU!"

A wave of happiness.

It makes me smile every time I think about it. Where does he come up with these phrases?? But thank you, Mazy, for putting it into perspective. This baby will be a wave of happiness. And we will all be thrilled when he/she arrives. Whenever that may be. Hopefully sooner, rather than later. Like tomorrow. March 20, the spring equinox, would be a wonderful day for a birthday. Just saying. :)

Meal-Plan Monday
And finally, I did make a weekly menu yesterday and a grocery list. Tonight I made a really good dairy-free chicken tetrazinni recipe. I finally made a delicious dairy-free white sauce with rice milk, chicken broth and olive oil spread! I'm super excited by that. Mine have been failing lately. Never thick enough. But this time I followed the recipe... go figure. Anyway, I made a big pan of it and now there is half of it left to freeze and have for a quick meal sometime after the baby is born.

This Week's Menu
Monday -- Chicken tetrazinni with breadsticks and salad
Tuesday -- Tacos with fresh tomato guacamole
Wednesday -- Mexican cornbread casserole (using the leftover taco meat)
Thursday -- Crockpot meatloaf with carrots and potatoes, fresh green beans
Friday -- Leftovers or pigs in a blanket (hey, it's movie night and we can eat junk one night a week)

Oh, and happy 81st birthday to Grandpa Keith today! I left him a message on my way to work this morning. He called back while I was in a meeting. He was hoping for a "twin" born today on his birthday. But no such luck...

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