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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunshine Sunday -- Baby Stuff and the Park

Another beautiful day! It's nearly noon. We've already been to a park in Ankeny while Shawn got groceries for the week, put the groceries away and are now about to tackle some yardwork. Before I get to work though, here are a few photos for Sunshine Sunday -- things that make me happy.

 I bought this "Moses basket" when Bo was born. I loved using it during his first couple months -- easy to take him outside, naps in the downstairs or take it with us for use at grandparents' houses. My mother-in-law made me two new sheet covers for it, including the owl one above!

 Speaking of my mother-in-law, I have been wanting to show off this beautiful knitted blanket she made for the baby. It's so soft! I have it draped over the rocking chair in our bedroom -- ready for use!

 Just wanted to prove that we really are ready for this baby. This is the only real estate he/she has in the house at the moment, but we'll slowly carve away more.

 I went shopping and out to dinner with my mom on Thursday night (thanks again, Mom, it was fun!) and just in case.... I bought this little pink dress for Easter. It's just the sweetest little thing. It has a ruffly diaper cover underneath. It's adorable.

 Of course, so is this little seersucker bibs with a tiny little t-shirt that I picked out ... just in case. I love the little bunny applique.

Squirrels in the Park
And special thanks to Shawn who braved Walmart in Ankeny on Sunday morning to get all our groceries for the week so the boys and I could enjoy this:

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