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Monday, March 12, 2012

Two-Week Countdown and First Picnic of the Season

Dairy... Man, I overdid it on dairy Sunday and apparently paid the price. I thought I had the flu, or maybe food poisoning (I'm not implying anything about your cooking, Mom) but Shawn thinks it was a severe reaction to dairy foods. I was up half the night -- wanting to make myself vomit, but afraid that if I got down to the toilet level I would not get myself back up. The dilemmas of a 8.5 month pregnant woman...

In the end, I emailed work and said I'd be working from home today. Not such a bad thing. I'd originally planned a vacation day for today but cancelled it last week. So it was nice to finish my huge SEO project in the comfort of my home. I also rescheduled my doctor's appointment for today to tomorrow morning.

Speaking of which, today marks two weeks until the baby's due date! Whoohoooo!!!!
 The baby bump, from my view looking down.

 The sideview, with the wide angle lenses... 

It will be nice to walk again, and not waddle. It will be nice to walk by a bathroom without going into it. It will be nice to get out of bed like a regular person, and not moan and groan and feel like my back is tearing in two. And of course, it will be nice to have a chubby bubby, fat-cheeked little bundle of love to kiss and hug and photograph and cuddle and smooch on. Oh I love babies! And it will be nice to know whether the battle of the sexes in our house might finally sway in my favor, or if I am destined to be outnumbered by men (which, let's face it, isn't that bad).   :)

Spring Is Here!
To officially celebrate the start of the first week of spring weather of the season, the boys and I decided to have a picnic in the backyard. We didn't have much at home for picnic food so we stopped by Subway for sandwiches, chips and drinks. We will soon be cutting way back on frivolous spending like this but I want to have a few more impromptu picnics and surprises for the boys before the baby arrives. I snapped a few pics of our warm-but-almost-chilly picnic:

And that was Monday. Four days to go until the weekend. Have a super fantastic weekend, everyone!

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