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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunshine Sunday -- Triple B-day Party

Finally, back to Sunshine Sundays where I just post some of my favorite photos of the week!

Today's come from the triple birthday party we celebrated out at the farm today for Grandma Maxine, my mom (whose birthday was today) and my sister-in-law Kindi. Here are some favorite shots:

 Cupcake tower

 Nephew Hudson

 Grandma Maxine and my niece Theron

 Grandpa Pud with ALL eight of the great-grandchildren. Let me tell you this is a rare occasion!

 My overworked husband... The final weeks of pregnancy are hell on men.  :)

Smiling nephew Maddox and Grandpa Pud

Looking Ahead
Tomorrow I have my weekly doctor's appointment. It's also the start of the two-week countdown until Baby No. 3 is due! After working a lot of overtime and late hours last week, I'm vowing to cut back this week and focus on our house and last-minute baby needs. 

Not a lot scheduled for the week, we have Bo's teacher conference on Wednesday at 6. Mazy has spring break next week. St. Patrick's Day on Saturday -- maybe we'll take the boys to the parade in Downtown Des Moines. Weather is suppose to be beautiful this week, though it's raining out now. 

Take care and have a wonderful week, everyone!

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