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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Restaurant Review by Mazy!

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Iowa -- high 50s. We started the day like this:

 Dress shirt and tie for Mazy's presentation today! He was SO excited to wear it! Seriously. He was.

Goofing around with little brother Bo.

I took the boys to school and daycare, stopping for an iced coffee and scone. I allow myself one coffee a week on the day I think I will need it most. 

After a couple hours of work, I met Shawn at Mazy's school to attend his culminating event. Mazy's presentation -- about how the Central Nutrition Center makes enough chili for all of Des Moines' public schools -- was about three times longer than any other student. His presentations are always very detailed and he uses good vocabulary words, like "agitator". He makes me so proud. It never ceases to amaze me that he writes and memorizes such long presentations and then confidently stands up there to field questions from the audience.When Mazy finished, a grandpa in the front row said, "That was a very good job!" He didn't say that about anyone else. :)

Anyway, following the presentations and three songs, we went back to the classroom to see his projects about restaurants and food service. The school does a great job taking the kids on field trips to learn about their core topics for the year. Here were some of Mazy's:
This is a restaurant memory about when we took him to the Bass Pro Shop for his 7th birthday.
 Shawn and Mazy looking at all the restaurant/foodservice terms on the word web in the classroom.

This was one of my favorites, though his teacher wasn't too thrilled with it, the wine selection at the Ecuadorian restaurant they visited! I love his little wine bottles made out of clay!

 And according to Mazy, this is the world's greatest teacher, Mr. Kerns! He's been in his class for two years and Mr. Kerns is the reason why Mazy was so excited to wear a tie today. He specifically requested a photo of him and Mr. Kerns together in their ties and asked, "Can I put this picture in a frame and take it to college with me?"

Mazy's Latest Restaurant Review
After the event, we took Mazy out for lunch. I'll let him tell you all about that in his latest Restaurant Times review!  We went to a 24-hour Mexican restaurant, which sounds scary but they serve awesome homemade, pretty authentic food! It's Abelardo's on Ingersoll Ave. in Des Moines. If you're out late and need a burrito, it's the place to go! Or if you're up early and need eggs and chorizo, it's the place to go. Shawn loved their avocado salsa. I loved their homemade tortillas.

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  1. How awesome for Mazy that he enjoys working on and giving presentations so much! He looked so handsome! You really need to frame that picture and send it with him to college. Good job Mazy!