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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

11-Hour Workday and a Culminating Event

Today was a lonngggg day. I wrote four news release. Helped define content strategy for the agency. Wrote meta descriptions and meta tags for website copy. Finished writing and editing a research report. Called and set up my short-term disability claim for maternity leave. Called and scheduled an eye appointment for Mazy's squinty eye (turns out his little bro scratched it while wrestling...). Answered a bunch of emails. Sent a bunch of emails. And then from 4:30 to 7:45 I attended a very long meeting to audit a sales training website.

And then I came home and both my boys were bathed, in their jammies and came running to the door to hug and kiss me. And that made it a really great day. :)

Message to the Baby
Before every child is born, I think, "What is it going to be like to add another person to this perfect family we have?" And then the baby comes along and I think, "How did our family ever function without this person?"

Baby, I'm ready to meet you. Take your time, but know that your family is excited for your arrival. And yes, we have officially finalized your names (first and middle). Did you feel it tonight when your big brothers were playing my belly like a bongo drum? Bo said: "Hey baby, you're BIGGGGG!" And Mazy said, "I'm rubbing the baby's head!" I think he was really rubbing your bottom, but that's OK. They want to be the first family members to meet you, after me and your dad, of course. So we'll do our best to make that happen.

Tomorrow's Lineup
Mazy has a culminating event at his school. He has requested to wear a tie and dress up for his presentation. He has been practicing it at home. It's about how the central cafeteria makes chili for all the Des Moines public schools. It's quite detailed. I'm excited to see it. Shawn and I will both attend and then take him to lunch afterward. I'll be sure to take pictures. And hopefully, we'll pick a restaurant that is worthy of a Mazy review!

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  1. Keesia...I don't know how you do it all! So, so excited for the baby - arrival will be soon. Tell Mazy good luck today, he'll do great. Hang in there. Really only 4 lbs - wow I'm impressed! Love to all - Aunt C