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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Heaviest Four Pounds on the Planet...

So I've only gained four pounds this pregnancy, but I'm telling you, each one feels like 100... I haven't been blogging lately because I've just been soooo tired. So when you see me get a big surge of energy soon, you'll know I'm close to having the baby!

Big thank you to my mother-in-law for helping with a bunch of sewing projects this weekend. It is my intention to photograph everything soon and show it to you. She also knitted us a beautiful baby blanket that I can't wait to use! I had planned to go to her house on Saturday and do the projects myself, but after half a project, I wound up in the recliner with magazines and poor Belinda was at the sewing machine. And I really appreciate it!

Each night this week I'm doing a small job in our bedroom to get it ready for the baby. It's do or fail time, folks. Can't put this stuff off any longer or this baby will come home and have no where to sleep!

My parents are in Vegas this week. I'm enjoying the photos and text messages from the Strip. It sounds like they are having a great time! And my sister and her kids are coming to Iowa on Friday for half a week -- they're on spring break. Too bad it wasn't the same time as Mazy's spring break, that would have been fun. We have a birthday party planned for Sunday at the farm for my mom and Grandma Maxine.

The weather today was gorgeous! The high was 72! I had a late meeting at work so I met Shawn and the boys at Zombie Burger for supper -- a nice, unexpected treat for all of us! I had the house salad. :)  It's kind of like going to a sushi restaurant and ordering a hamburger. But that's all that sounded good to me. I had a big lunch and that filled me up for the day.

Well, need to finish our online taxes tonight, pay some bills and do a couple projects for work.

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