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Friday, March 2, 2012

Playdate, Movie Night and a Baby Sewing Day

Another quick post and then I have to find a movie for me and the boys. Mazy had a playdate with his friend Cooper after school. So after I picked up Bo from daycare, he and I went to Ankeny for supper together at Smashburger. First time I've been to one of them. Not bad. Bo was in a great mood and we had fun. We met the family who hosted Mazy at Casey's at 6:30. Now we're home and preparing for movie night. Still don't know what we're watching... I really want to watch ET with Mazy soon. I think he would like it. And the early Muppet movies as well.

Shawn is at board game night tonight. Tomorrow is the flea market in the morning, and then we go to Nevada for lunch and an afternoon of sewing. Need to finish a bunch of baby projects. Time is running out!!

OK, gotta run. Have a great weekend, everybody!

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