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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"He's a Very Enthusiastic Learner"

You've come a long way, Bo. And we are so proud of you for it!

Tonight was Bo's teacher conference at preschool. What can I say, that boy is rocking his letters, numbers, colors, body parts, writing, cutting and, perhaps most importantly in our book, his social skills! This preschool gives the kids a test four times a year. By the end of the year, they want the children in Bo's age group to score a 75 on the test. Bo is currently at 135 out of a possible 150. It's awesome how well he's doing.

Rewind to a year ago and we were in a very different situation... Weekly calls about severe behavior problems from daycare. Suspensions from daycare. And worst of all, he just seemed so unhappy. We were stressed out, he was stressed out. It was a rough time for everyone involved.

And then we learned about Lil' Scholars preschool and Bo's dairy intolerance. And life changed dramatically for our household. It wasn't overnight by any means, but the new preschool/daycare environment and staff were amazing. They provided consistency, discipline and rewards for a boy who needed structure and understanding. The dairy diagnosis showed us that the poor kid just didn't feel well most of the time. He was grumpy because dairy made him nauseous. He was angry and defiant and didn't know why and couldn't control it. Take away dairy, add some vitamins and we began to see a softer side of Bo.

Now, he is a smiling, loving sweetheart of a joker who is the most enthusiastic learner in his class! His teacher said he's the first one to announce the new letter of the day and shouts it out to everyone. He's the first to raise his hand to answer a question and he wants to be at the front of the group for every book and activity.

Of course, he still has his mama's temper and he's no angel. He still throws tantrums a couple times a week. He still fights with his friends. He's still working on sharing and listening. But I never wanted or expected him to be "perfect." I just wanted him to be happy, healthy and excited about learning. And that's just what he is. Way to go, Bo!

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