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Friday, March 30, 2012

New Restaurant Review -- Buzzard Billy's!

Last night was great! I picked the boys up a little early so we could go exploring at the cool pedestrian bridge in downtown Des Moines, the Center Street Bridge. We drive by it nearly every night on our way home and they ALWAYS want to go on it. It was closed most of the fall for landscaping and other construction, but now it's open and a very fun place to visit. 

After 25 minutes of Bo running like a madman across the bridge and Mazy asking me what would happen if the bridge fell and how I would save them... we left to get a table at the new Buzzard Billy's location on 3rd St., just down the road from Wells Fargo Arena. I foolishly thought that arriving at 5:20 would be plenty early to get parking and a table... How wrong I was! We drove around for 25 minutes before finding a spot. In the meantime, Shawn and my mom had met at our house and carpooled over and lucked into an on-street spot just a block away.

Normally I would never wait 45 minutes for a table.... Especially when I'm 9 months + 4 days pregnant and have the boys with me. But we weren't in a rush and Shawn had been looking forward to it all day so we decided what the heck, let's wait. And wait we did! 

But here's the amazing thing -- the boys were awesome!! They looked at books for awhile, then played on cell phones and never really fought or got cranky. And we waited almost a full hour before being seated. When the appetizers came, those two descended on them like vultures! I should have taken a video of it, they were literally eating crawfish and gator bites as fast as they could! 

Anyway, I will let Mazy tell you about the rest of the experience in his latest restaurant review of Buzzard Billy's, which he titled, "Billy Is a Buzzard."  

Oh, and no baby yet.

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