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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day Five and Overdue

Gee, here I am. Still pregnant! I swear this baby has grown half a foot and packed on some pounds in the past week... There is just not much room left in there. And while I love big, chubby babies, I like them best when they become that way OUTSIDE of the womb...

Other than that, we've had a busy day. My sis Heidi and her family are in town for Easter with her in-laws. So they came over this morning to hang out for awhile. Shawn, Steve, Mazy and Theron all went to the flea market at the fairgrounds. Then we came back here and decided to go to Mullet's for an early lunch. I was surprised, we got there by 11:30 and it was packed! Lots of bikers (the unmotorized kind) drinking and having late breakfasts. By 12:30 when we left, it was not nearly as crowded.

Heidi's fam went back to their hotel for naps and afternoon swimming, while my aunt Sherie and cousin Luke picked up the boys to go to the Discover the Dinosaur exhibit (also at the state fairgrounds). Shawn went to some more flea markets and I had a couple hours this afternoon to myself! It was nice.

The boys are home now and wanting to go to the park. I told them our backyard is better than the park because there is never competition for the slide. :)  They didn't really buy it, but too bad. Tonight we'll have leftovers for supper and then Shawn's parents are coming over for a visit.

And who knows, maybe later tonight I'll have a baby. Or not.You know, whatever. At this point, I'm not holding my breath.

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