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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunshine Sunday -- Scrapbooking Heaven

Ahhhh, what a weekend. Thank you to my hubbie for making it happen! Without him I would not have gotten three days away to six scrapbooks! And thanks again to my mom -- we always have such fun together at this event!

I spent most of my birthday money on new albums, papers, stickers, etc. This event restocks my scrapbook closet for the coming year. It would have been nice to pick up some baby girl or baby boy stuff... But we're in the final stretches and I can wait another month! One month! Can you believe it! A month from tomorrow is my due date.

What do you think? Early? Late? On time? Mazy was four days early. Bo was seven days late. Maybe this baby will be on time! Oh my gosh... A month! I need to get busy. We've been busy, but we need to get busier.... What a crazy month this is going to be. Fortunately, I've been trying to do some planning in advance. For instance, I have already ordered Easter clothes for us, except for the baby. I really wanted to order a little coordinating dress, just in case we might need it, but Shawn convinced me to wait. I also ordered all the Easter candy, eggs and gifts and they are all sitting in the basement awaiting Easter morning. The baby is due about two weeks before Easter so we should be just fine. But just in case....

Latest Restaurant Review Is Published!
And Mazy has written his latest review. We really wanted to go to The Latin King, but it was closed so we went to Quinton's Deli and Bar. I'll let him fill you in. I will just reiterate how bad the service was and how long it took to get our food. But I have been there in the past and the service was better and the cooking time was definitely much faster. So, eat there if you need to waste some time but never if you're in a hurry.

 Mazy at Quinton's eating his club.
 The service and wait time might have been awful, but look at the serving size of this kid's cheeseburger platter! It was huge! Enough to feed two kids, or one kid for two meals. Bo ate most of his fries but didn't touch his burger.

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