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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Do Scientists Get a Lot of Sleep?"

Forgive me, this is going to be one of those "things my kids say" blog posts. Annoying to most of the world. Truly, only parents and grandparents really appreciate these things, but I haven't done one in awhile so bear with me.

From 3-year-old Bo:
  • (at the mall and sees a baby in a stroller) "Hey mama, we're going to have one of those! Right now it's in your belly. But it will come out soon."
  • (eating an apple in the van on the way home from daycare) "Mama, I see an airplane in the sky. I sought (thought) it was a bird. But it's an airplane."
  • (watching Shawn bend over to pick up a toy) "I see your butt crack, Daddy!" Shawn: "No you don't! My shirt's tucked in!" Bo: "I see your butt crack, I see your butt crack!" (it's his new favorite word...)
  • "Mama, I cannot say 'damn'. 'Damn' is a naughty word. I cannot say it until I'm bigger. Then I can 'damn' whenever I want."
From 7-year-old Mazy:
  • "Do scientists get a lot of sleep?" Me: "Well, yes. Unless they're working on a big project I guess." Mazy: "Well, I'm always going to be discovering things so I won't get much sleep."
  • "Do scientists like their mothers?" Me: "Um, well, I hope so. There's no reason for them not to like their mothers." Mazy: "So it's OK if I like you when I'm a scientist?" Me: "Yes, it will be OK."
  • "Hey Mama, oh wait, I mean MOMMMM. I'm going to start calling you Mom now, OK, Mama? I mean MOMMMM." 
  • "Someday I could be smarter than Albert Einstein." Me: "Sure you can. Just keep studying and being curious and asking questions and you'll be a fabulous scientist." Mazy: "Did Albert Einstein make lots of money?" Me: "I don't think so. Most scientists aren't very rich unless they're doing research for big companies that pay them." Mazy: "What! You do all that work and you don't get paid!" Me: "Well, you'll make something, you just probably won't be really rich." Mazy: "Well, I'm going to discover an Argentinasauraus and get really rich!"
  • "Do you pray?" Me: "Sometimes. Yeah, I pray for you, Bo and daddy to be safe, healthy and happy." Mazy: "Who do you pray to?" Me: "Well, I personally just pray to 'the spirits and guardians of the planet' because I'm not really sure who is up there. But you can pray to God or any gods you want." Mazy: "Will you listen to me pray?" Me: "Absolutely." Mazy: "Dear God, Poseidon and Zeus, please be nice to my teacher, Mr. Kerns, and to all my family, like my mom and dad and Bo and the cats and my grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles and everybody else that I like." Me: "That was a very nice prayer." Mazy: "Next time I might pray to pegasus, is that all right?" Me: "Yes, Mazy. You can pray to whomever you want."

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