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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunshine Sunday -- Birthday Fun!

It's a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning for this 36-year-old modern-day mama! Thank you to my awesome husband Shawn and my sweet, sweet boys for making my birthday so much fun! And thank you to my friend Debbie for taking our family photos (painless, easy and fun!) and to my inlaws, Dwayne and Belinda, who took us out to lunch, let us hang out at their house and made me a delicious birthday supper last night! And thank you to all the people who called, emailed, texted and left messages on Facebook to wish me a good birthday. It really makes a girl feel loved!

Shawn, as always, found me the perfect presents. He and the boys went shopping Friday night and bought me two new maternity shirts to get me through the final 5 weeks -- a beautiful red one with lots of bling on the front and the "funky" purple one I'm holding up below. Mazy picked them out. He said he picked the purple one because he thought I would open it and say, "Wow, this is funky!"

Shawn also bought me the sequel to "101 One-Yard Wonders" sewing book and a new baby projects sewing book with owl buttons and owl appliques for some of the projects. How fun! And some new scrapbooking paper for my three-day scrapbook weekend next week. And a bunch of new sewing accessories! I loved them all!

Following our photo session in Ankeny, we went to Ames and met Dwayne and Belinda for lunch at the Fuji Japanese Steakhouse. It was so much fun! The perfect choice for entertaining me and the boys! I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

Today, we're cleaning house and organizing more closets... But the boys and I are off tomorrow for President's Day so it will feel good to get the house picked up and still have another day to play! Oh, and did I mention that Shawn and Bo went out for my favorite -- white frosting donuts with sprinkles yesterday morning? And that Shawn also went to Walmart last night at 9:30 to do the week's grocery shopping so we wouldn't have to go today? Frankly, the fact that he does all the grocery shopping so I never have to step foot inside Walmart is a year-round birthday gift.... Have a great day, everyone!

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