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Friday, February 17, 2012

Burgers, Three-Day Weekend and Birthday!

New this year, my company has decided to make President's Day a holiday. Woohooo! So after two days off this week and working from home two days, I now have three more days of fun ahead! The boys and I are waiting for Shawn to get home. Once here, we'll all go to Valley West Mall for supper and a little birthday shopping for yours truly. We did this for Shawn's birthday, too. It was really fun! We let the boys decide what they wanted from the food court and when we were finished eating, I took each of them (separately) to stores to shop for Shawn's presents.

Today for lunch, Mazy and I went to Americana restaurant in downtown Des Moines. It was so good. It's always so good. Eating there is like experiencing the food you see on cooking competitions... Really bold, unusual flavor combinations. Fresh ingredients. Interesting seasonal options. It was good. I'll let Mazy tell you all about his meal in his latest blog post that he cleverly titled, "Just Add an 'A' to American" (I see a future in writing for this one!) but I took a photo of my meal to show you:

It was one of the day's specials: blackened tilapia sandwich with coleslaw, red onions and grilled tomatoes. So good! And I picked the tahini vegetables as a side dish. They were amazing!!! Tahini is a Middle Eastern sauce -- the color and consistency of runny peanut butter. I believe it's made from sesame seeds. The vegetables -- broccoli, carrots and pea pods -- were just barely cooked and served cold with the tahini dressing drizzled on top and sprinkled with black sesame seeds.Really flavorful!

 Mazy's Bacon Burger... It looked really good...

After lunch, Maze and I headed to my office for four hours. He was very good about hanging out at my desk and watching domino videos on YouTube while I attended meetings. And my coworkers Hillary and Erin were VERY good about having a new cubicle mate for the afternoon. They took pictures of his Lego man conga line and even created a video of it for him! Thanks you guys!

That's all from me. And the last post I write as a 35 year old! Tomorrow I'll have to change my blog description to reflect my new age... Have a great weekend, everyone!

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