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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vietnamese Lunch and a Cantaloupe

So this week, tells me that Little Miss or Little Mister weighs about the same as a cantaloupe and is nearly 18 inches long. It seems like just yesterday when I was showing the boys a picture of a lima bean and telling them that was the size of their future brother or sister. Monday will mark five weeks to go.

Five weeks. Five weeks! FIVE WEEKS!!! My first thought is sheer panic. I am not ready at work. I am not ready in our house. I am not mentally prepared for it... My next thought is: chill out, you'll be fine. We should probably stock up on diapers. Get the clothes washed. Find the co-sleeper bed in the boys' closet. Finish reorganizing our bedroom so the baby has somewhere to sleep... And the rest will fall into place.

Day 4 of the Food Blog
Anyway, back to today. Mazy and I left the house at 12:30 with nowhere in particular to go. I couldn't talk him into El Salvadoran or Kosher. He couldn't talk me into sushi. So we were driving around and I remembered a Vietnamese restaurant I'd been to years ago, not too far from our house. It was still open and he liked the name: TNT Vietnamese restaurant. So that's where we went and that's the subject of today's food blog.
Tomorrow I think we are going to Americana restaurant in downtown. A friend told me that if you're seated before 11:30 they give you half-off your entree! That's a great deal! And it works well for us because now I have to be at the office for a client meeting from 1 to 2, and then another meeting from 2 to 2:30...

Birthday Plans
So Saturday is the big day -- I'll probably enlist the males in my life to help me clean house in the morning, then get ready for our big photoshoot at 11 and then we're headed to Ames to meet Shawn's parents at the Japanese Steakhouse -- hibachi style lunch! I can't wait. I think the boys will love it. Mazy has been to one hibachi-style restaurant, for my birthday four years ago I think. Bo should love the flying knives and flying food.

After lunch we're going back to their house so I can sew the binding on the baby's quilt and maybe work on some other sewing projects. It should be a great birthday!

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