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Monday, February 20, 2012

Hail to the Chief

Thanks to a new holiday schedule at work, I am off today. Mazy's school is closed as well, and although Bo's daycare is open we decided to keep him home with us.

I started the day with an 8:15 a.m. doctor's appt. I will now go weekly until Little Miss or Little Mister is born. If I should happen to go into labor early, they would not try to stop it at this point. But there is no reason to think I would go too early. Mazy was two days before his due date. Bo was a week overdue. So who knows.

Yesterday was a big cleaning day at our house. I worked in the boys rooms for many hours... We sorted through all their books and found five bags to donate to Bo's daycare. I also came up with a new system for storing their books -- which are the biggest clutter problem we have. They are always everywhere... Granted, the boys have hundreds of books between them. And Shawn and I have many, many, many more than that. We would be good candidates for a home library. But until that happens, I moved 3/4 ofl their books onto the high shelf in their closet where they are only accessible by mom or dad. I think that will help a lot. The rest of the books are in two big crates on Bo's toy shelf. Easy for them to browse through them and easy for us to put them away.

Anyway, their room is starting to look better and better. I also sorted through stuffed animals and found a large trash bag of unused ones to go to Bo's daycare. We had fun rediscovering toys, rattles, stuffed animals, board books, bibs, baby monitors, etc. for the baby. It is nice to be getting all of this sorted and organized. Perhaps we will be ready for this newest addition after all!

Japanese Steakhouse review
Mazy's latest restaurant review is now posted. After this one, he will likely be taking a break for awhile. I think he's getting burnt out. But he did a great job this week and has received many compliments.

Today's Plans
Well, I have two kind of grumpy boys today. The plan is to get them to nap early, and then meet my mom at Jordan Creek Mall at 4. She will be in West Des Moines for an appointment already, so it worked well. The mall might be a madhouse, but we'll just be at the bookstore and maybe a couple other stores. We'll have dinner, go to Costco and call it a night. Tomorrow, back to school, daycare and work! And then Friday will be the start of my annual three-day scrapbooking retreat with Mom. I can't wait!!

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  1. Loved hearing about your birthday weekend and time home with the boys! I really like your new header. :)