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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Do You Have a Bucket List?

I've never seen the movie, "The Bucket List" but I have often thought what a good idea it is to create a list of the things you really, really want to do in life.

Do you have one? I actually have a list somewhere that I started in high school. I added to it in college and have looked at it a few times since. If I can find it again, I will share some of my dreams with you. I know one was: Visit Antarctica. That was big on my list for years. Now, not so much.... I wouldn't turn down a free trip there certainly, but if I was going to invest in a vacation I would probably choose somewhere warmer with better restaurants.

As I think I've mentioned, this coming weekend is the three-day scrapbook event that I look forward to every year. One of my projects is to create a bucket list and then find a scrapbook so I can save photos and memories of each dream/wish/idea that I complete.

How long should a bucket list be? Should I put a time limit on it? In true 21st century fashion, there are 1.4 million websites devoted to the Google search "bucket lists". The first one was -- a huge collection of other people's bucket lists. Interesting read for ideas and inspiration. And here's a fun one: "37 things to do before I'm 36" blog (I'd have to change that to 38 things to do before I'm 37, but you get the idea.) I love the artsy way she created her list and she wrote very doable things! Plant a garden. Heck, I do that every year!

I know a few things I want on my list -- whether they're goals for the next year or for my lifetime:
  1. Make and can homemade jam.
  2. Learn to bake perfect biscuits.
  3. Participate in a protest/rally in Washington, DC.
  4. Write my grandparents' biographies.
  5. Take a summer off and RV across the country with the family. (Shawn is going to love this one!)
  6. Vacation in Peru.
  7. Take the boys on a weekend camping trip to Jester Park.
  8. Sew a quilt for Shawn. 
 Well, that's a start at least. I'll give it more thought and figure out how I want to do it. Let me know if you have a bucket list or if you're going to start one!

My Blogging Partner
Thank you for all the great feedback on Mazy's food blog! I told him traffic to my site has never been higher and I should have partnered with him much sooner! It's been a very fun project for us and while we won't get to continue it at the frequency we did last week, we will try to update it weekly for you. He's such an interesting and fun boy -- I love showcasing his personality and encouraging him to explore the culinary world.

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