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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunshine Sunday -- Photos from 7 Januarys

I didn't take a lot of photos this week. So this week's Sunshine Sunday will be a look back at past January's that I have digital images of. Enjoy!

 2011 -- We attended a Toy Story birthday party in Norwalk. 

 2011 - The boys got bunk beds in their room.

 2011 - Kindergartner Mazy created a t-shirt for his 100th day of school celebration.

 2010 -- The Hanson brothers enjoy a January bath!

 2010 -- We took the boys for a very, very cold but sunny walk around the ice skating rink 

 2010 -- We celebrated Shawn's birthday at In Play.

 2009 -- The Hanson brothers enjoy another bathtime together!

 2009 -- Mazy after bathtime.

 2008 -- The Year of Monster Jam! 

 2008 -- OK, this one is totally stumping me... I have no idea where this is or what we were doing. Mazy is wearing pajamas and there's a live chicken... I don't know the people standing behind us. Seriously, what in the world was going on this year??

 2007 -- The year of the infamous Creamed Eggs on Toast birthday breakfast for Shawn... I decided to let Mazy play in some flour while I cooked. I burnt the eggs THREE times and during the ordeal, Mazy dumped about 2 cups of flour down the heat register in the right-hand corner of this photo... Every time the heat turned on -- POOF! A big cloud of flour came shooting out... 

 2007 -- Shawn and Mazy opening birthday presents.

 2007 -- Snow day and sledding!

 2006 -- Contrast a snowy day with this January picnic in the backyard! I remember we went to Sonic and got burgers, tater tots and slushies and didn't even need coats on to eat outside!

 2006 -- I loved Mazy in these bib overalls!! 

 2005 -- New parents and a new baby! Mazy was a month-and-a-half-old here!

2005 -- I've always loved these photos of Grandpa Pud and Grandma Maxine at our house when they came to deliver Mazy's wooden rocking horse and bring me lunch!

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