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Friday, January 20, 2012

Success at the Mall!

It didn't look good when our adventure began. Bo threw a fit while we were picking Mazy up after school -- screeching because Mazy pulled his hat off... He was tired, hungry and demanding that he did NOT want to go shopping for Daddy's birthday present.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and take them to Valley West Mall in spite of the bad mood. Mazy was very excited to go shopping and in a good mood. Plus, I had talked Shawn into joining us there for supper! With reinforcements, I thought we could turn it into a good evening.

And we did! Once Bo had some food in him, his mood turned around 100 percent. He was sweet, charming and excited to find his Daddy a present. After eating, I took Bo to Calypso -- a strange store with very unique stuff. He picked out two "unique" items for Shawn. I won't say what yet, in case Shawn reads this. He was so good that I let him pick out a lollipop for dessert. Then I left him with Shawn at the food court and took Mazy to another store so he could go shopping. Bo spent $10. Mazy spent $26. He loves to spend other people's money. :)  But they both picked out great items and I think Shawn will like them.

After shopping, Shawn went to board game night with his friends and I brought the boys home for Friday Movie Night. Tonight's selection: Spiderman! They both loved it and I just tucked them into bed with instructions to sleep in tomorrow.

A big day ahead. Watch for birthday photos tomorrow!

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