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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Babe!

Oh what a 36th birthday for my dear, sweet husband Shawn! From morning until now, he's celebrated his day eating, and doing, mostly what he wanted. The boys.... well, they were kind of stinkers today. Probably because they got to stay up late last night to watch Spiderman... Not good planning on my part. But, despite a few tantrums, mouthing back moments and periods of complete craziness, it's been a good day for my man. I think. I hope. I love you Shawn. And crazy boys or not, there's no other life I'd wish for myself or you. :)

 Birthday boy got to sleep in, and then I went to Casey's for the best doughnuts in Iowa. I bought him two, but like a good boy, he only ate one. You probably can't tell, but he's wearing a zombie t-shirt.

 Hey Aunt Cindy, remember when you bought us each a birthday plate! We use our plate for birthday breakfasts and I think of you every time I get it out of the china cabinet!

 Lunch at Zombie Burger in the East Village!! Do you know how many times we've tried to eat here but left because of the wait time? Today we arrived at 11:30 and it took about 15 minutes to get a table. This was Bo's WORST period of the day. He threw a kicking and screaming tantrum all the way to the table... And I was the one dragging and carrying him...Fortunately, his mood turned around quickly. A huge improvement from the past.

 Shawn's such a good dad that he made an iron-on transfer zombie shirt for Mazy today before lunch! Here they are posing in their zombie t-shirts. 

 Sample of the wall murals at Zombie Burger. It's a pretty fun place!

 Mazy's burger: Planet Terror. All-beef patty, carmelized onions, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and a whole lot of bacon. He loved it. The waiter was impressed that he would eat onions.

 Me and Boy Terror... After eating, he was much happier and pleasanter to be around. He opted for a skeleton shirt instead of a zombie shirt. Can you tell I got a haircut yesterday?

 Shawn's birthday supper! I let him pick the meal and he chose: chef salads! That's what happens after you eat at Zombie Burger -- your body craves the greens. We had salads with moroccan chicken breasts, cherry tomatoes, cukes, red and yellow peppers, carrots, shredded sharp cheddar, croutons (crunchies as we call them) and a loaf of French bread. 

 The boys and I made Shawn a dairy-free vanilla cake with homemade dairy-free frosting, which turned out to be some of the most delicious and fluffiest frosting I've ever tasted. It was really good!

 This is one of the two presents that Bo picked out for Shawn... An alien in an egg. The other was a little LED kitty cat flashlight that meows. 

 Mazy chose a Green Bay Packers theme for his presents for Shawn: GB drinking glass, GB lighter, GB pencil, GB keychain and, my favorite, GB hand sanitizer. 

 Blowing out the birthday candles!

And finally, enjoying the cake and frosting!

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