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Monday, January 9, 2012

Meatloaf and Monday

Evening all. Just relaxing for awhile as Shawn watches the last college football game of the season. Hallelujah. By January I am really getting tired of football games on the TV. The boys usually win control of the computer and I'm forced to do things like clean and put away laundry! Yikes! Time for this season to be over!

Tonight after getting the boys to bed, I sewed the inner borders on the baby's quilt. Tomorrow night I'll sew on the wider outer borders and that quilt top will be finished! I told Mazy I would begin his I-Spy quilt next. He told me to surprise him and "just put it on top of me one night while I'm sleeping." He would love that. So I might have to do it. I bet he'd notice it right away in the morning!

This week we have a meal plan and all the groceries bought ahead of time. So that's a big relief coming home from work each night and knowing exactly what we'll be having. We did the same with the boys' breakfasts in the morning. I find one of the biggest time sucks in our house is mealtime... What are we having? What do we have? Do we need to go to the store for anything? So much easier when you spend a half-hour on Sunday to plan it out and send your husband to the store for ingredients. :)  Thanks Shawn, for always being a willing shopper.

Keeping it short and sweet tonight. Planning to work out tomorrow during lunch. Wish me luck!

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