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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Borrowing the Idea of "Sunshine Sunday"

For those who might have read my rant yesterday about our loser neighbors, I apologize for the uncharacteristically negative post. Month 7 of this pregnancy and I am up about 8 times a night and often awake for three or four hours at a time. I'm not complaining, I'm simply stating why I am so mean and grumpy.  :)

Anyway, one of my favorite fellow mama bloggers, "I Am Mama, Hear Me Roar" always posts photos that make her happy on Sundays and she calls it "Sunshine Sunday." So I'm stealing her idea and starting the week off on a positive note with some recent photos that make me happy.

And for those of you curious, the neighbors are still not answering the door or the notes we leave taped to their door. I don't predict a happy ending. But I'm not getting into that!! I'm looking for happy photos... I promise!

 Shawn hamming it up Christmas morning with Mazy's new football and his new Aaron Rodgers jersey.

 Dear Grandma and Grandpa on Christmas night opening their gifts. I think this is when Grandpa opened one of Grandma's gifts and was a little confused about the black mock turtleneck with snowflakes on the collar. :)

 Sweet nephew Maddox at Christmas on the farm.

 The grandkids searching for the Christmas Pickle on Grandma's tree. First to find it receives a $20! Mazy found it the last two years, and Theron found it this year! 

 These three are the "middle" grandkids. Interestingly, all of our kids conveniently divide into three age-appropriate groups -- the oldest (Kael, 9, Mazy, 7, Theron, 6); the middle ones (Hudson, 4, Bo, 3, and Irelyn, 3); and the youngest (Imersyn, 2, Maddox, 7 mos. and Baby Wirt Hanson, coming in March). It makes activities and play time easy when they all have people their own age.

 This is Imer. She's so darned cute.

 Oh and this photo just makes me happy! I came home from shopping a week ago, and Bo ran to do the door and greeted me like this! He had some Christmas money and spent it on a few new monster trucks, which came with tattoos. And Daddy was very willing to tat him up.

 Our traditional crablegs feast on New Year's Eve. 

 These are the fabrics I chose for the baby's quilt. Hoping to work on it this afternoon and finish up the top. 

 This was Saturday on the farm. We went out to stock up on some frozen meat. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) Dad happened to be in his new tractor when we arrived so the boys got to cruise around with him for awhile. 

 It was really nice out, so after the tractor ride the boys and I played outside for an hour. By "play" I mean they run around and I try to keep up. I don't succeed often. But I loved the colors of the afternoon sun in this grassy area back by the creek. 

It's so strange that this is January in Iowa! It definitely felt and looked like late October. And it's so dry... Not good. I hope we get a lot of snow this winter to make up for it. 

Happy Sunday, everyone!! Here's hoping for a great week for all of us!

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  1. Love your sunshine post, but no apologies needed about the neighbor rant. What a mess!!! I tried commenting earlier about the loose tooth but I don't think it worked. (I sound like my grandma). Anyway, I think I'm dreading loose teeth more than potty training!!