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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Melted Garage

Neighbors. A mixed basket for most of us. Typically you have at least one decent set of them, quite a few you know nothing about and live in ignorant harmony with, and then you have people like those to the west of us. Losers.

No, I'm not feeling particularly gracious today toward humanity and these neighbors are most of the cause of it. Thursday night they managed to burn up a ragtag camper in their backyard and melted the siding off half our garage. That was Thursday night. It's Saturday morning. Not a note. Not a phone call. Not a "sorry" shouted over the fence. Nothing.

I'm sure they're hoping if they keep their lights off and stay indoors until we leave each day, we'll just forget about the charred, melted mess in the backyard. I'm also sure the burned-out hulk of their camper will stay there for months to come. Because, that's just the kind of neighbors they are.

I've just finished cleaning the house up some, now I'm heading over there to bang on their door and get some answers. Wish me luck. Actually, wish THEM luck...

Mama is 7 months pregnant, tired and trying to sell this house. At the moment, they are public enemy No. 1.

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