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Friday, January 27, 2012

Mazy's I Spy Quilt and T-minus 2 Months to Baby!

Happy two-months-to-go-until-my-due-date day! Oh my, two months does not seem very long... We have a LOT of work to do on this house before then... A lot. Sorting, organizing and clearing our eight years of accumulated junk. But let's not think about that tonight.

Did I tell you we have a boys name picked out now, too? Both names are spring themes. Both names are odd. Both names have passed my "pleasing nickname" test. Both names require a one-syllable middle name. We haven't chosen those yet. And both names will remain a secret until little Miss or little Mister is born.

Well, we need to get Friday Movie Night rolling so let me keep this short. Tonight's feature is: Green Lantern. Yes, another super hero movie. This must be the 12th or so. Surely we will run out of options soon and can introduce the boys to the beautiful face of my favorite actor, Johnny Depp, in all the movies that I love.  :)

Here's what I wanted to show you today, Mazy's I Spy quilt:

Here's Mazy at Grandma Belinda's house laying out his quilt. He had to alternate plain colored rectangles with the "I Spy" novelty print rectangles. It is an explosion of color.

We were able to sew 11 rows last Sunday. These need to be sewn to each other. Though I might put a border strip between them to enlarge the quilt. The pattern design is quite small and Mazy wants a nice, big comfy lap quilt. Eventually we'll need to choose border fabric as well.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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