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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'll Make Dinner Tonight

Are there four more joyous words in the English language that can be spoken by a spouse or partner: I'll make dinner tonight.

That's exactly what Shawn said today as he was driving to Walmart, again, to pick up groceries, again, for a supper we had not yet planned, again. And I've got to tell you, I love this man.

He used leftover chicken from Sunday's potpie to make chicken gravy over biscuits with steamed veggies. His dad gave him $10 for the shopping trip to buy Mazy some sushi. Very sweet of Dwayne. He knows his grandson well.  :) 

Today I was totally unmotivated at work even though I had a big project that needed finished... I hate this project. I don't know how to do it. It requires a lot of research with tools I've never used. It requires a lot of knowledge about technical subjects I've never studied. It requires a big report with recommendations that I don't yet have or even know how to have... So I'm dragging my feet.

To escape it, I went to Valley Junction on my lunch break and bought a yard of fabric to make some framed quilt blocks to match the baby's quilt. If this baby ever gets a room for him/herself, it will have all sorts of decorations for it! There should be enough fabric for a couple big throw pillows as well. I envision the pillows sitting in a corner surrounded by books with our chubby little baby toddling over to read.

Speaking of the baby, we have agreed on a girl's name! But we're not telling anyone it. No one. So don't even try. We aren't even telling Mazy, and I tell that boy just about everything. I will give you one clue, the name is associated with the season in which the baby will be born. But you'll never guess it. Never. Ever. This will likely be the only baby on the planet with this name.  :)

OK, I think that's about it. Shawn is getting on the computer to list some eBay auctions. Mazy is upstairs working on a surprise for Shawn's birthday. Bo is eating peanuts for dessert and watching Batman. I'm heading downstairs to finish the last two border pieces on the baby quilt! How many times have I said that.... But tonight I'm doing it!

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