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Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Message from Mazy

I asked Mazy to recite a message to you, my blog readers. Here's what he said:

"Do you have your Christmas decorations up? Christmas is near. You better start getting presents cause Santa will be here.

"You should have your Christmas tree up already. Make sure it's not one color. Make it be beautiful. And that's all I can think of."

Q&A with Mazy:

What are some gift ideas for boys? "Lego sets, MegaBloks Halo action figures, Duplos, and that's all I can think of."

How about for girls? "Barbie Dream House, Barbies, KooKoo Birds and Hello Kitty."

Any ideas on what to buy moms? "Baking sets, scrapbook things, pottery."

And how about dads? "Paints, new farming outfits, clothes, and games."

What's the most important part of Christmas? "Giving thanks to others. No, no, no, giving gifts to others."

OK, let's talk about your birthday now. You turn 7 next week. What was the best thing about being 6 years old? "Being in Mr. Kerns' class. Cause he's the nicest teacher ever."

What was your favorite topic in school? "Learning about apples."

What are you looking forward to about being 7 years old? "Having Flu Mist. Playing with my new birthday presents." (Mazy was unable to get the flu mist at Walgreens b/c he was not 7. Apparently he is anxious to receive it. Note to self: schedule an appointment for him...)

What do you hope to get for your birthday? "MegaBlok Halo sets and lots and lots of Lego sets."

What are we doing for your birthday? "One at our house. One in Kansas City. And one with Grandma Katy. I already had one at Grandma Belinda's. It was fun."

And that's all the interviewing he would allow. Just thought it would be a nice change to hear from someone else in the family. Happy December!

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