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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goodbye November, Hello December!

We had a nice treat tonight. Shawn's mom and sister were in town so we joined them for dinner at a Village Inn near our house. It was some of the slowest service I've experienced at a restaurant in months, but the boys were in surprisingly good moods and behaved quite well. We had a very good time. And it was free pie Wednesday! I got cherry. I ate about half and let Shawn eat the rest.

Let's see, not much else has been happening with us. Been busy at work all week. Looking forward to a weekend at home and getting the house decorated. Next week is going to be busy! We're meeting Mom on Wednesday night for supper and bowling at the Bass Pro Shop restaurant for Mazy's birthday -- an odd choice but where else does your bowling ball return to you through an alligator's mouth? Thursday, for his actual birthday, we're having a sushi fest at our house. And Friday, we're surprising the boys and picking them up at noon for our trip to KC to see my sister Heidi and her family! I'm really looking forward to that trip!

Here are some random pics from our life lately:

 40% Gap buys (thanks, Aunt Cindy for the coupon!) Bo got the green one with the dog wearing antlers and Mazy the white/green stripes. This is as good as it gets for holiday wear at our house...

 This is the first official purchase I have made for The Baby. I love these little sleep gowns and Mazy and I couldn't resist the little stocking cap and mitts. He/she will be born at the end of March, but that's usually still stocking cap weather in Iowa. 

 This little scrawny tree is so pathetic! But it fits our cramped downstairs so we pile on the lights and ornaments and make it look decent. 

 The boys were very enthusiastic ornament hangers. One branch had 9 ornaments hanging from it! I convinced them it was OK to move them around some. 

The best part of tree decorating is listening to the boys' excitement over all their ornaments! Both their Grandmas buy them an ornament each year, and I always pick out one for them. They always remember which ones are theirs and get so excited to hang them up! And I love going through all my old ornaments and showing the boys which ones are the oldest and which are my favorites. 

And that's about all that's happening with us. Hope you're having a great week!

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