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Friday, December 30, 2011

Day Four ... The Natives Are Restless

Last night I caught a few minutes of a Japanese earthquake documentary on National Geographic channel. I'm not comparing the tragedies of an earthquake to my home ... but ... I can kind of relate to the noise, confusion and chaos that a very small earthquake might cause.

For me, that earthquake is named Mazian and Bo... To say they are wound up, out of control, completely hyper and EXTREMELY LOUD is an understatement. They are upstairs in their room playing monster trucks at the moment. The noise from the stomping, pounding, screeching tires, squealing horns, screaming victims is deafening. The cats have fled -- hiding wherever there is reprieve from the pandemonium. I banished them to the upstairs about a half hour ago and as each monster truck is tossed down the steps, clanging and banging it's way down, I wonder about that logic...

But the alternative is to have them down here with me.

Thank god we are going to the farm today... As soon as Shawn is home from work (probably around 11ish, thank you Belinda for letting him leave early!), we will corral them into the van and drive west toward what surely must be paradise for two cabin-fevered boys -- the farm. They will not be allowed into the house until they have run off that energy, run down that orneriness and hopefully, made themselves hoarse.I don't care if it's raining, snowing or sleeting, they are getting some fresh air today. And Grandpa Kevin better be ready to take them on many four-wheeler rides!

Oh my boys, I love you so. But this morning I desperately dream of a sweet, mild-tempered, smiling little girl who plays dolls quietly in a chair, tries to dress the cats in bonnets, helps me bake cookies and cuts out fabric for our craft projects. I'm looking forward to meeting you, Baby #3. Whoever you may be.

And if you are another hell-raising Hanson boy, well, there will always be room on my lap for one more crazy little devil. Because as ornery as they are, my little devils always have time to stop and kiss their mama. And that is worth an earthquake of noise and messes anytime.

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