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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reading Time Is Over, Cleanup Begins!

I always have the best intentions to get so much done around the house this week that I am home with the boys.

But. Like always. I just haven't done it. There's something to say for taking it easy for a few days. Enjoying the boys' rowdy behavior and new toys. Reading some of my new books (yes, I blew through 3 in 3 days!) and watching movies. I've kept the house picked up, gotten some laundry done and even managed to sew a gift for a nephew's birthday last night. But that's been about it.

So today is the day to get busy! I've already taken down the Christmas decorations and piled them on the table. Shawn, my gopher extraordinaire, brought up the holiday storage boxes for me and the tree box. All I need to do is pack it all away, carry up the ornament organizers, get the tree down and pile it neatly for my gopher to return to the basement tonight.

Before I leave you for my chores, I'll fill you in on last night's festivities -- a 2nd birthday celebration for our nephew Simon. Shawn's parents hosted (thanks again for supper, Belinda and Dwayne!) and the boys had another night to run around like maniacs with their cousins. Plus, they got ice cream for dessert. Always a plus for them. Bo chose strawberry, just like I would have if I'd been eating, and Mazy chose chocolate marshmallow, which is what Shawn chose. Watching these two fall so closely in our footsteps makes me smile and wonder what Baby #3 will bring! We're at less than 3 months, people! Three months!!

OK, off to work. Have a great Thursday!

11:35 a.m. update: Decorations are down! Christmas tree is de-ornamented, de-lighted and packed in its box! Boys lunch is cooking in the stove. It's nice to have that done. Now on to unloading and loading the dishwasher and picking up the house.

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