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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

It's not beginning to look much like an Iowa Christmas, but I'll take it anyway! It flurried for a bit during lunch today, but that was it. The boys each have two more days of school/daycare left this week and then we'll be off for Christmas break! Hooray!!!

One of the things I love about my company is that it closes each year between Christmas and New Year's. How awesome is that?? Believe me, the 4th quarter work about kills us all but it's so worth it to get that time off with the boys each year. I'm really, really looking forward to some days at home to enjoy new presents, get the house organized a bit and maybe watch a few new movies!

I've also saved $100 of my holiday bonus so I can take the boys to a movie, the Science Center and maybe one other activity. The Science Center has a big Egyptian display right now that I know Mazy would love. Bo will just enjoy being there. And there's always the free Historical Building! We all love going there and it's never crowded or crazy.

Anyway, lots of fun ahead. But now, on to Christmas! We've checked two items off our holiday activity list: Watch "A Christmas Story" and make holiday treats. Three to go! Thursday we'll cross off "Holly Jolly Lights Tour" and Friday I hope to cross off "visit Santa at the mall..." That just leaves making a 2011 Christmas tree ornament with each of the boys.

Today Mazy delivered gifts to his two teachers. He painted them each a small wooden birdhouse in their favorite colors and made them cards. For his primary teacher, Mr. Kerns, who Mazy adores, we bought a gift card to Half-Price Books so he can treat himself to some music or books. We bought a nice candle for the other teacher. Poor teachers probably get a ton of candles this year... But hopefully they can regift them!

Last night Bo and I joined my mom for supper and shopping near Jordan Creek. Bo was a sweetheart! It is so fun to be with Bo when he is feeling good and having a good time. He was such a trooper! We ate, then went to Costco, which is a ton of walking and wandering around. And then he and I went to Trader Joe's. It was nearly 8 by then, far past his bedtime, but he was so excited to push their pint-sized cart around the store and fill it with whatever I gave him. I truly enjoyed my evening with him and my mom!

I'll catch you up on our weekend activities tomorrow with some photos -- Saturday was in Nevada with Shawn's parents and Sunday we went to my cousin Marla's 5th birthday party at an indoor water park. Very fun time. The boys were in heaven! They have talked about the party a lot and want to go back very soon.

OK, off to fold some clothes and work on Bo's daycare present for his teachers. Five days to go until Christmas!

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