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Friday, December 23, 2011

Check Off Another Activity!

It was dicey for awhile. At one point we cancelled it completely. Shawn said, "God damn it, Mazy!" in a public restaurant and got a lot of shocked, disapproving glares from the prissy, hipsters sitting behind us. It wasn't looking good for Holly Jolly Lights last night.

But never underestimate the power of food, and a few parental threats.

I was so excited after work last night to pick up the boys, take them to supper at Smokey Row coffeehouse/cafe and then go to the Holly Jolly Lights car tour at Waterworks Park. To me, it was the perfect way to kick off our winter break together! Today marks the first day I'm off work until Jan. 3. Hallelujah!

However, as fate often likes to throw a curve ball, both boys were in TERRIBLE moods. All they wanted to do was go home and play Curious George games on the computer. Normally I'm cool with that. They play while we cook. It works. But I had plans tonight and darn it, Mama gets her way once in awhile! Mazy was being such a stubborn, uncooperative little twerp -- he wouldn't sit at the same table as us, then he wanted to sit in the seat where Bo was, then he didn't want to pick his food, then he only wanted to play one of the free board games that's missing half it's pieces, then he wanted Bo's bottle cap, then he wanted his food first, and on and on. It was more than two mostly patient parents could take. Shawn had his GD outburst, I proclaimed we were all going home and Holly Jolly Lights and maybe even Christmas were cancelled.

Well, once in awhile the boys listen. Not often. But once in awhile. They actually shaped up. Food improved their moods tremendously. And by the end of the mostly civil meal, we decided to give them a second chance.

And I'm so glad we did! It was so much fun to take them on the Holly Jolly Lights tour! Especially with Bo, who has never seen it before and who was so impressed with every light display. Mazy read all the posters of the "Make a Wish" Foundation kids and what their wishes were. We listened to 107.1 -- the Christmas music station in DSM. And we had fun. It was great!

And so it is Friday, Dec. 23. I don't know if we're going to get in our visit to Santa. I had planned on Shawn not working today, but his office is actually open. It's weird, they are only taking one day off for Christmas and that's on Monday. Bummer. But the boys and I have plenty to do today. My main priority is making some curtains and rugs for my niece Irelyn's dollhouse, which Santa will deliver to her tomorrow night. So I have to get cracking!

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Grandpa Wirt and I are reading this...I thought it was very funny! Glad it turned out good for the family! Have fun today.

    Love Aunt C and Grandpa

  2. Oh I'm glad you showed my blog to Grandpa! How fun! Just made my grocery list for Christmas breakfast and soup for Christmas Eve at the inlaws. Hoping to get to the store before the crowd hits! Merry Christmas!