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Sunday, November 6, 2011

We Interrupt This Sunday for a Tantrum

I'm not going to dwell on this. I just want to say that we've come miles, no, light years, with Bo this year. Taking out the dairy from his diet has truly worked wonders. But for one week about every month, the old demons return and we (and mostly daycare) have a heck of a time with him. This was one of those weeks. And this past 20 minutes, have been one of those old tantrums. At any moment, I expect the police at our door -- having been tipped off by a neighbor that we are torturing someone inside. Little do they know...


What a relaxing and productive weekend it's been. The boys were up at the crack of dawn -- thanks to good ol' daylight savings time. But my darling husband jumped up, after the two of them piled on us in our bed, and said, "Come on boys, leave Mama alone. Let her sleep in."

So I stayed in bed for another hour. It was nice. The sun was shining through the window and I had an entire day at home ahead of me. As you know, I love weekends at home.

Yesterday, Mom and Kael came for lunch -- we had intended to go to Zombie Burger. But there was a whopping 30-minute wait and that doesn't work for kids or pregenant women. So we walked up the street to The Olympic Flame instead. I love that place. Shawn has been wanting gyros so he was quite happy as well. The boys were in great moods and we had fun. After lunch, Shawn took all the boys back to our place and Mom and I went to the Metro Arts Show. My uncle Steve was selling his photographs there, and, incidentally, was named Best Photographer of the Show! Exciting!

It was a nice show and I bought a small item for one of Shawn's Christmas presents. It's pretty funky and a little strange, but I think he will like it. And it has a purpose!

Anyway, back to today. Shawn and the boys made sausage and waffles for breakfast. Well, nevermind about the rest of the day, both boys are swarming around me like bees to honey, waiting for their chance on the computer. So I'll say goodbye and talk to you all tomorrow!

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  1. That's funny about the baby...gotta appreciate showing some spunk already! Hope you're doing great - sure do miss all of you. Have loved all the pictures and news. Get all the rest you can, but take heart that I think baby number 3 will just go with the flow, SHE has to!! Have a good day and love to all. Aunt C