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Monday, November 7, 2011

Say It Ain't So ... They're Talking Snow!

The forecast for later this week is talking about our first serious chance of snow. The boys are excited. Me, not so much... I enjoy wearing denim coats, fashionable leather boots and fall clothes. I dread hauling out the boys' stocking caps and gloves (which seem to get lost at least 12 times a week...), the snowboots that never want to go on, the winter coats that they both despise wearing (what is with my children?) and don't even get me started on the torture that is putting snowpants on them.

But, it's Iowa. And winter is coming. So buck up, Wirt, and get ready for it. At least I get some primo "Expectant Mother" parking at work that keeps me from the dangerously icy lower parking lot that I fall in at least twice a winter. And I fell in it this spring when the rains created a mudslide on the back steps. That wasn't embarassing or anything...

Let's see. What's on tap for the week? Not a whole lot. We did plan our weekly menu for the first time in months. It's so nice to come home and know what's for supper. Taco Tuesday tomorrow! Mazy is excited. We've also started the "Veggie Challenge" with the boys. They get a point each time they eat ALL their vegetables, and I'm giving them big portions. Once they reach 5 points, they get to spend the night at the farm. (I haven't broken that news to Grandpa and Grandma yet.) Mazy was already a vegetable eater so he has three points already. Bo, on the other hand, only has one point for eating last night's asparagus and baked squash. He's motivated for the farm though, so this might actually work.

Oh, I know what's exciting this week! Mom and I go to "Wicked" on Sunday night!! Whoohoooo! We tried to take her two years ago but she came down with the flu that day! It was such a bummer. But now that it's coming back, we'll be there Sunday night for sure!

OK, laundry needs switched and there's a chicken boiling on the stove (chicken and noodles on Wednesday). Better get moving.

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  1. Any time they want to come to the farm they are more than welcome. I can't wait! Knowing those two and their love of veggies I better get the upstairs cleaned up.