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Friday, November 4, 2011

Possible Baby Names? Mystery, Riddle, Guess?

For our first two children, we were quite adamant that we did not want to learn the sex before the baby was born. The big surprise after all that work is really quite fun and exciting. I understand why people find out and I also understand why they don't.

With Baby No. 3, we decided we wanted to find out the sex. I envisioned myself sewing blue or pink baby clothes all winter long in anticipation of this final bundle of joy in my life. My mother-in-law and I already picked out a pink/brown fabric kit for a baby blanket, and the cutest little ruffled quilt pattern you've ever seen. Yeah, we might be hoping for a girl.

So today was the big day! Finally, the ultrasound! At 2 p.m., Shawn and I went into the ultrasound room, eagerly anticipating the blurry images that would show us the tiny fingers and hands and internal organs and other stuff I can't identify on the big screen. We were excited to hear if we're having a boy or a girl.

Incidentally, the ultrasound room was about 79 degrees. I was wearing a sweater and it was SO HOT in there. But it's a fun experience and they had a fan, so I remained friendly throughout the hour-long experience.

Well, we have lots of great photos of stuff like this:

Oh isn't that the cutest little left hand you ever saw.  :)

And some less obvious shots like this:

This is the little peanut's right leg. Precious, isn't it.  :)

But what the little Wirt/Hanson baby failed to show us was his/her face and his/her, well, parts that make a him or a her. However, the ultrasound did reveal the most important findings of the day: a healthy baby. And let's face it, that's the only thing that really matters.

So welcome to the family, Mystery! I like your spunk. Way to show Daddy who's boss already. You keep those legs crossed and your sweet little face hidden for as long as you want. We look forward to your arrival in late March, where I will greet with you lots and lots of green, yellow and white clothes and blankets.


  1. Will you have any more ultrasounds to try to uncover Mystery Baby's sex?!?!

  2. At this time, there are no future ultrasounds scheduled. The technician said that everything looked great and she didn't think there was a need for additional ones. So it looks like we'll be surprised!