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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Downsizing in November

Now that I look at that title, it seems kind of depressing. I'm not talking about jobs or the economy. Actually, I'm talking about downsizing  our household to make room for baby No. 3! This month will be devoted to sorting, clearing out and reorganizing.

We had a great Halloween. Aunt Jean and Uncle Doug invited us over for a simply delicious early dinner on Sunday night. Most of my family attended. After eating baked ham, cheesy hashbrowns, corn, salad, baked squash and baked sweet potatoes (grown and dug by  yours truly in my garden on Sunday morning!! Sometimes I'm so Martha it amazes me!), the men took the kids trick-or-treating. It was a great cool night for it.

On Monday, officially Halloween night, we surprised the boys with our first annual Great Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt. Shawn wrote seven clues and hid the first one in the mailbox. Mazy loves to get the mail, but this night Bo asked to get it. He was carrying the clue and Mazy spotted it immediately. They tore it open and found a note from The Great Pumpkin. He told them they had six clues to find and must take turns finding them in order to get their present.

It was a blast -- they were so excited to read the clues and run to all the hiding places! Bo didn't want the game to end! We had to talk him into going to the final clue in our pumpkin patch behind the garage. That's where a new Playdoh set was waiting for them -- a gift they must SHARE.... It was a lot of fun.

Last night I caught up with many of my dear friends at a baby shower for a coworker. I finally got to meet Anna -- my friend Kortney's absolutely beatuiful baby girl. Oh she was so sweet and little and perfect! I must admit, she really got me into the baby mood, especially the baby girl mood! I coveted her little pink pants and pink-trimmed shirt. So cute!

Just two more days until we hopefully find out the sex of our bundle of joy! I'm really excited to find out this time. It was always so much fun to be surprised at the birth with the boys, but since this is the last child, I kind of want to prepare for him/her with special outfits and blankets and things. And while green and yellow are lovely colors to work with, I think it will also be fun to know if blue or pink should be thrown into the mix.

That's all for tonight. Stay warm and bundle up -- it's chilly out there!

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