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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Headache on a Saturday Night

Today I finally got my first gallon of apple cider. That makes me happy. Despite several attempts, I failed to make it to an orchard this year. Boo. But, Shawn bought me some apple cider today and I have already drunk three large glasses of it. I love apple cider. And he bought a bag of Granny Smith apples so I can make my first apple crisp of the season tomorrow. I'll take it to Aunt Jean's for our trick-or-treat dinner at her house. I'm also making roasted acorn squash with cornbread stuffing.

Since most of our family is now not eating dairy, I like to offer a side dish and dessert at most family dinners. I don't expect everyone to cook special for us so it's easy to just take things I know are safe to eat.

So, fast update. Grandma Maxine went home on Wednesday. She's doing well. Very tired, but that's too be expected after a week at the hospital. It's not like you get any sleep in those places. She also has a new oxygen tank that is with her all the time. She and Grandpa are getting lots of help from family and medical workers so I think they're doing well.

Yesterday was me and Shawn's 11th anniversary. Eleven years. Sheesh. We really are becoming an old married couple. I had an OB/GYN appointment at 3 yesterday -- baby is doing well. First ultrasound next Friday!! Yes, we hope to discover the sex of this baby. Not sure when we will announce it to the world, but we are excited to know if we're welcoming a bouncing baby boy or a bouncing baby girl. Anyone who lives with Bo is sure to be bounced a lot... Including me, I think he sees my growing stomach as a new trampoline...

Anyway, it was trick-or-treat night in downtown Nevada. All the businesses hand out candy. It's a very nice event that we enjoy each year. Belinda and Dwayne then watched the boys for us while we went to Ames for supper. We went to a Korean restaurant -- not very fancy, but boy oh boy, is their food awesome! I finally got my beloved bi bim bop in a hot stone bowl. It's been years since I've eaten that. So good!!! If you've never had it, you really must drive yourself to the nearest Korean restaurant and try it.

Today was a slow day at home. Mazy had art class. The rest of us cleaned, did laundry and relaxed. Relaxing days at home are very underrated. I am beginning to cherish them more and more!

And now for a scary movie with Shawn. Don't know what's playing yet, but I'm sure it is something that will give me nightmares... Happy Halloween! And Happy Birthday to my brother Troy!

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