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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home for Grandma

Knock on the nearest wood, but I think Grandma Maxine will be relaxing in her own bed this time tomorrow night. Hooray! Home is always better than the hospital. I know she and Grandpa will be happy to get back there.

Thank you very much, I overcame my dread of the hospital and went and visited her tonight. I took two full pages of notes for the Life Of Maxine book. I also told her I was turning her into a celebrity on my blog and she informed me I was NOT to write about all of this. Oops. I told her it might be a bit late for that. :)

Just a few teasers from tonight's interview: Grandma had an aunt who was a biochemist, an uncle who was a nuclear physicist, a sister who was a composer, a brother who is still a practicing lawyer, a sister who was an author and many other impressive relatives. And she once had a pony named Sparky that she rode around her dad's horse farm near Mt. Ayr, Iowa. I'm telling you, this is going to be a great story!

Also tonight, we invited Mom over for BLTs and chips. We were supposed to have had fresh apples and steamed veggies with it, but somehow we didn't get around to making the healthy part of the meal. She brought watermelon for the boys, which they devoured. Then Mom and I went to see Grandma and Shawn and the boys read bedtime stories. The little rascals were still awake when I got home at 8:30 and talked me into telling them two more bedtime stories. One starred Bo, the double-dimpled boy who talked to dinosaurs AND who had lots of dinosaur bones (that was Bo's request). Mazy requested a hero story starring him as the boy who saves lives and cannot die in disasters, like explosions at pet stores.

And so another day has passed. The wind was blowing tonight as we walked to the car. Colder temps are moving in. I think we might have seen the last of our really warm October days. That's OK. I'm ready for fall, and, gulp, another Iowa winter.

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