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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful for You

Happy Thanksgiving! Oh what a great day -- a delicious feast at the in-laws, including some of the best turkey gravy I've ever eaten. Thanks for giving me the leftovers, Belinda!! And thank you for Mazy's birthday cake and party tonight -- he went to bed talking about his presents and what order he would play with them all tomorrow.

Since this is a day to reflect and think about all you are thankful for, I thought I'd narrow my list and be thankful for all of you -- the friends and family who I know read my blog and make me smile with your comments and kind words:

  • Aunt Cindy in Mississippi -- Hope you enjoyed your first Thanksgiving as a grandma and got to kiss those cute little cheeks of Sam's! You have been one of my longest and most loyal blog followers!
  • Mom -- We have so much fun together and I'm glad we make time for it. Can't wait to see your house after you decorated all day today! See you Saturday!
  • Heidi, my sister in OP, KS -- Really looking forward to seeing you this weekend and can't wait to visit you in a couple weeks! I wish we had more time so we could do some sewing projects!
  • Uncle T in Cape Cod -- Always love your emails and photos of life in Sandwich. Proud of all you do for the gay community and gay rights!
  • Mother-in-law Belinda -- Every time I hear an in-law horror story from a friend, I thank the heavens for giving me you and Dwayne! We are so appreciative of all you do for us, especially the beautiful quilts that you've made to fill our home! 
  • Jane in Door County -- You were the best boss and I miss our chats and visits, but know we will be lifelong friends. Know you're loving having the family home this week!
  • Kortney in DSM -- Can't wait to see you next week for lunch and to hang with my pal Porter and hold Anna! 
  • Uncle Doug in DSM -- I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing you as a dad and doting on Marla! It cracks me up -- ol' gruff Doug has turned into a softy! So glad we've gotten to spend extra time with you and Aunt Jean these past years and look forward to many more kid-friendly events!
  • My better half, Shawn -- I saved the best for last. Thank you for mopping the floors, getting the groceries and always changing the cat litter. And of course, for many other things you do to make life easier and better for me.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! And thank you for being a part of our crazy but wonderful life!

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