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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Round Two - Thanksgiving at the Farm

Last night Mazy helped me cut apples and bake the most delicious fall dessert EVER -- caramel apple bundt cake. Don't worry I took pictures! I'll add the glaze today before we leave for the farm. I hope this becomes a true "signature dessert" for me that my grandkids one day ask for. Because it's a good one and I enjoy making it. The batter is lick-the-spoon-so-good that even Shawn (King of Don't Eat Raw Batter) was sampling it!

This morning we also need to bake the brussel sprouts and pancetta. I must admit, after three meals of brussel sprouts, I'm not real excited about them anymore... But at least they'll have new flavors. Hopefully others will like them b/c I do not intend to bring them home.

Had my monthly OB appointment yesterday. I've actually lost 2 pounds! (Normally pregnant women should not be losing weight, but I have plenty to lose so it's not a big deal.) I thought that was pretty good for a weigh-in the day after Thanksgiving... I attribute it all to the non-dairy diet I'm on. And for not really having an interest in desserts. That helps too, especially this time of year!

So I guess we'll eat a light breakfast, finish our cooking, get dressed and packed, and head to the farm for the day. Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!

10:20 a.m. update -- I'm tired.  :)  Brussel sprouts/carrots are in the oven roasting. I cooked the pancetta, reserving it for a garnish before serving. I chopped the green onions and put them in a bag with half a lemon -- also garnishes before serving. The caramel apple bundt cake sauce has been made, poured over the cake and allowed to cool. I also sprinkled the entire cake with chopped pecans -- pecans, incidentally, that I cracked and picked apart from whole nuts! And I banished the boys to their room about 30 minutes ago b/c they were driving me crazy. They are grumpy and full of energy -- a bad combination for a big family get-together... Wish us luck b/c we will need it. It's cloudy and overcast today but I told them to plan on spending most of the afternoon outdoors and not being allowed inside except to eat, and I'm not above carrying plates out to the garage for them.  :) 

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