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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Harvest Fun on the Farm!

Yikes, been awhile since I blogged. As September winds down, our social calendar is getting more and more crowded!

It's Saturday morning and Mazy and I just returned from his morning art class and my morning of running errands. I got food for the harvest party we're going to today, good bread for Grandpa's 88th birthday party at the farm tomorrow, a card and present for Grandpa, the final items for my sister's birthday present, and I started cleaning out the van while I waited for Mazy's class to end.

Now we need to pack for the farm (we're spending the night tonight), finish cleaning out the van, get the fishing gear and lawn chairs packed, make sure we have all our presents, get the camera and extra batteries packed, and hit the road by noon. Whew!

First we're going to the annual fall harvest party at the Knapp's in Linden. My dear friend Brenda is back from Asheville, NC, this weekend and I can't wait to see her! Once we're done there, we'll go to the farm and make plans for fishing with Grandpa Pud this afternoon!

Well, I promised Mazy I would film another "Lego video" for him. His latest interest is filmmaking -- live action films starring his Legos. We've had fights, explosions and now a funny home video. I might put some on the blog next week so you can see his directing/acting debut.

Have a great weekend all!

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