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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Green Grass Was Created for Boys

It's a windy, gray September day and as the month winds down, I wanted to share some of my favorite September photos of my two favorite little rascals.

 Urban park in downtown DSM — we started off in the water, but when they tired of wading, they ran around the grass chasing each other.

 Haha -- love this kid! He never matches and that's OK. He experiences every emotion to the extreme, and that's OK too. Bo is just so "bolicious" as he says. You can't sit beside him without wanting to give him a big kiss. 

 I think I told you in an earlier post, that Bo really, really wanted to go swimming in the nude on this day. But I said absolutely not! We compromised and I let him take his shorts off and run around in a pull-up.... 

 More running around like a crazy man. I remember watching him and thinking, "I would love to have 1/10 of that energy and enthusiasm for running on grass."

 Tree climbing lessons

 Posing for my friend's camera

 And this one. This is my favorite of the day. We have the best conversations about life and death ... and dinosaurs. 

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