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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Flag Football and Family

Last night was a lot of fun. My inlaws treated us to supper at Starbucks cafe in Nevada, and then they joined us for my nephew Kael's flag football game. The weather was just perfect. Both of our boys were in good moods and well-behaved, if a little energetic and crazy at times. My parents were there, plus my brother Troy and his baby Maddox. It was just a really fun evening!

And Kael's team won and he seemed very happy to have such a crowd cheering him on.

Tonight Shawn and Bo are getting haircuts and then groceries. Mazy and I will stay home to clean house and make supper. Tomorrow are Bo's preschool photos so we have to get his mop top cut so he looks presentable!

Weekend plans are beginning to shape up. Saturday morning is Mazy's first art class of the season -- Clay Techniques. He has a birthday party that afternoon in WDM at Cho's Gymnastics, which I think is where Olympian Shawn Johnson trains. Weird. But it will be interesting to see it and Mazy is excited about it.

Sunday I believe we are going to the Center Grove Orchard with our inlaws. And I can't wait!! I love apple orchards, I love apples, and I adore apple crisp -- which I will be making with some of our orchard apples!

And that's about the news from this part of the world. Hope you're enjoying the fall weather this week!

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