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Monday, September 19, 2011

Countdown to Fall -- 4 days to go!

Just four days and we can officially say it is autumn. Yahooo! After nearly 2 months of feeling awful, I am now feeling great and looking forward to an active and busy fall. 

It rained most of the weekend and was kind of cold and dreary, but it was perfect for staying home and getting laundry sorted and put away, the downstairs picked up and cleaned, and a few homemade meals made and eaten. I like weekends at home.

Saturday was Mazy's first art class of the fall -- Creating with Clay -- at the Des Moines Art Center. I think he's going to like it a lot. They made large clay leaves and each child chose an animal to set on their leaf. Mazy chose crocodiles... But they were very good crocodiles and I was impressed with his sculpting! I foresee a lot of fragile clay objects in my house soon....

Saturday afternoon Mazy had a birthday party at a local gymnastics place, Chow's Gym. If you enjoy the Olympics, you may know Chow's as the home of Olympic gold medalist and Iowa girl Shawn Johnson. It was cool to see the gym and Mazy loved playing on all the equipment and running around like a crazy boy. It was a very active birthday party -- great idea for a group of 1st graders! 

Sunday we were home all day -- cleaning, cooking and cleaning some more. Bo learned how to sweep and Mazy learned how to vacuum. It was a good day! And Shawn's Packers won so that is always a bonus as well.

This week is much quieter than last week. No plans after work. It's just a four-day week for me and Mazy. His school is closed Friday for teacher in-service so I'm working from home that day. I think we're meeting Mom for lunch in WDM. This weekend is Grandpa Pud's birthday party on the farm -- weather permitting we'll take him and all the great-grandkids fishing after lunch on Sunday. Can't wait!

Have a great week!

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