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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dairy Relapse, NPR and Beef Ribs

First, a Bo and dairy intolerance update. I accidentally (OK, I did it purposefully) gave Bo a cookie Wednesday after work that had M&Ms in it, and probably other dairy ingredients. I really didn't think one little cookie would make much difference.

Well, that was a mistake.

He had one of his worst days at daycare the following day -- hitting, fighting, not listening, chewing on his little chewie constantly. It seems highly coincidental that this bad day occurred just hours after consuming his first dairy in two weeks. I really think we may be on to something with him. Today he was back to his lovable, fun and regularly ornery self.

I don't often share work stories because who wants to write about work, but today was an interesting one. This morning I was writing some Facebook copy for a client and my phone rang. Who was it, you ask? Well, it was "All Things Considered" from NPR. Not an NPR fan? It's one of their top-rated news shows. On here in Iowa at 5 p.m.

When NPR calls and wants to interview one of your clients, you do everything possible to make it happen. So I spent the next 6 hours tracking down the details, the CEO they wanted to interview, writing possible questions they might ask him and researching Robert Siegel -- a NPR veteran reporter who will be doing the interview. And tomorrow I am traveling to the client's headquarters to help coordinate the interview. It's just going to be a recorded phone interview -- much easier than a live interview. So it should hopefully go well. Tonight I need to research the story more and make sure I understand it (the debt ceiling debate in Congress...).So if you're listening to NPR tomorrow afternoon, be sure to listen for a story about the debt ceiling debate and when you hear an interview with the CEO of a certain Iowa company with a Dutch background that manufactures high-quality windows and doors -- you're hearing my work in action!

And finally, a shout-out to Iowa's farmers for providing a deee-licious supper for us tonight! Dad's beef ribs simmered in the crockpot all day and were joined by fresh Iowa sweetcorn, and greenbeans and kohlrabi from my in-law's garden. Is that not the perfect meal? Thanks, farmers and home gardeners!

And now a few photos from July:

 Bo wearing his new birthday present from Aunt Heidi... 
 This was our garden in early June when we planted it.

This is our garden now!! We grow everything fast and big in Iowa!

 Mazy named this tomato plant, "Tommy." He is already taller than Mazy and loaded with tomatoes, which Bo calls "tornados". 

 My petunias are going crazy!

 One of three new metal mushrooms I bought for the east property line. I love them!

 I liked this picture of Bo -- he looks great in and surrounded by green.

Oh and my sweet boys! I had to bribe them with Swedish Fish to get them to pose together for me!

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