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Friday, July 15, 2011

Leaving the City for Some Fun on the Farm

Who needs a lakehouse when you have a farm with a pool! (Although I'd still like a lakehouse, for the record.) Tonight the boys and I are riding home with Mom and Shawn will join us tomorrow morning. We're swimming, grilling steaks and drinking some ice cold beer tonight. Tomorrow, more swimming, more grilling and, you guessed, more beering.

Today's NPR media interview/radio prepping was a big hit! I'm listening to NPR now and waiting for the story to air. (fingers crossed that it airs!!) There doesn't seem to be any big breaking news to prevent it from running. That would be a bummer.

Well, our bags are packed and I'm just waiting on Bo to wake up from his nap.(He wasn't feeling well this morning so we kept him home to recuperate so he could still go to the farm.) Then we'll go pick Mazy up from daycamp and wait for Mom to arrive at our house. Hope you all STAY COOL!!! And have a great weekend!!

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